What is RetevacanzeDynamic B2B booking system?

RetevacanzeDynamic B2B booking system - is a booking system that allows Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and Business Travel Agencies to get the best offers and tour packages for SICILY destination.

Does RetevacanzeDynamic support B2C clients or B2B agents? Or both?

RetevacanzeDynamic supports only agents, providing B2B online booking system.

Do I need to see a demo of RetevacanzeDynamic B2B booking system?

We can organize a demo for you through skype, please contact us at web@retevacanzedynamic.it.

How can I get access to the full version of the system?

Without log-in, you cannot make any booking. To get access to the full version of the system, display prices and make online bookings, you need to become a registered user as a Tour Operator or a Travel Agency. Feel free to request your unique log-in here.

How to register as a Travel Agency, a Tour Operator or a Business Travel Agency?

To register as a Travel Agency, a Tour Operator or a Business Travel Agency, you need to send us a request through our B2B LOGIN page, click on NO ACCOUNT, REGISTER and fill the form. Then we will verify your company and send you a confirmation email to access to your account with username and password you have set.

What If I lost my login and password?

You can request to reset your login and password on our website by clicking on FORGOT PASSWORD? RECOVER.

How does the system work?

Through our system, once you are registered and logged-in, you can sell our products to your clients with your logo and markup. In your panel account, you can add your logo and markup for each type of service - a percentage. Then the quotation or invoice, that appears on the platform, will be with what you have set.

How does the booking process work?

Here below Booking Process step by step:

  • Search the best suitable product for your client.
  • Select travel dates, room type, number of participants (and whatever that specific product requires to proceed with the search).
  • Select the product that best fits your needs from the list of results.
  • Submit booking – the booking is created in the system and you can see in your panel account.
  • The same booking summary is delivered to your email as the confirmation of the booking made.


What if my search criteria don’t return any result?

When you set your search criteria, and these don’t return any result, you can modify them and update your research. When you search for a tour or excursion, please note that the system sets a time frame of one week starting from the date you choose: this will return all available dates in that specific time frame; however, you can reduce or increase that time frame by choosing the date you prefer.

Where I can find travel documents (vouchers)?

Once you paid, you can find and download your vouchers on your account panel.

How payment processing works?

If the product or package are not refundable, you need to pay immediately via PayPal; otherwise you can pay through PayPal for those products or packages booked within terms of cancellation.

Can I change my booking once it has been made?

It’s not possible to change any details of a booking. We suggest cancelling your booking (if it’s within terms of cancellation) and re-booking what you need, but since this is a dynamic system, we can’t assure you the same prices and conditions you booked before.

Within terms of cancellation, if you need a special support, you can contact us, and we’ll try to do the best as we can to assist you.

Can I cancel my booking once it has been made?

You can cancel your booking within terms of cancellations, without any charges or with a penalty fee as specified in your booking.

To cancel your booking within terms of cancellations, you need to access to your panel account and take action accordingly. Cancellation charges will apply in accordance with the booking cancellation policy of the given package tour or product.

Or, you can contact our sales team by email or by chat-box and phone, during office hours (09:00 a.m. - 05:30 p.m. Italy time).

Where I can manage and check my bookings?

Your panel account tracks the movement of all your bookings and generated invoices. For each booking, the platform generates a pro-forma invoice with the corresponding bank details. The basis for the payment is the reservation number. When the reservation is paid, the pro-forma becomes an original invoice and is visible in the accounting module from where it can be sent or printed.