Private Tour of Monte Pellegrino and Mondello - from Palermo



Private tour of Palermo, a city located on the northern coast of Sicily, whose streets are characterised by a mixture of cultures and traditions from all over the Mediterranean. Famous for its Teatro dei Pupi, the puppets used to tell the courageous adventures of Charlemagne and his paladins, Palermo was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 for its rich artistic and architectural heritage. You will leave from your hotel in Palermo on a comfortable and air conditioned vehicle. You will explore the Catacombs of the Capuchins, a maze of corridors decorated with glass cases preserving the mummified corpses of monks, influential and simple people, resting together as if they belonged to the same class. You will be impressed by the magical, and maybe dark atmosphere that characterises this timeless place, as well as by the details of perfectly preserved clothing, including the dresses of unmarried brides, who died unexpectedly before having their best day. You will be amazed by the mummy of Rosalia Lombardo, a two year old girl died in 1920 and the last person who had the honour of being buried in these catacombs. Rosalia has a perfectly preserved face, with the curve of the dimples barely visible, but well defined. You will read on the shrine how the mummification processed was carried out by doctor Alfredo Salafia, an expert in the field of mummification. Once your tour of the Catacombs is over, you will get back to your vehicle to reach Monte Pellegrino. There, from its viewpoint, you will admire the entire city of Palermo. You'll find the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo, called “the rose without thorns” for her vocation to holiness. You will visit the cave where the saint breathed her last breath and where her bones were found. From there they were carried in procession to Palermo to free the city from a terrible plague of 1624. Finally, your driver will take you to Mondello, a fishing village and a popular summer resort. Before returning to Palermo, you will have time to enjoy the traditional and delicious cannoli or a refreshing granita.

 More informations
- The Catacombs of the Capuchins
- Alfredo Salafia and the mummified girl
- Monte Pellegrino
- The Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia

- Car/minivan
- Driver/Guide
- Diesel fuel and road tolls

- Lunch, beverages
- Fees required to access the catacombs and the sanctuary
- Local guides
- Any taxes and parking fees, where required

- We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for church.
- Your driver is not a local guide. Any local guides must be purchased separately.
- The driver/guide will show you the main features of the town/city providing basic information.

Start time

02:30 pm

End Time

07:30 pm


5 hours


English, Italian, Spanish

Meeting point

at your hotel in Palermo


5 hours