Food walking tour of the historic centre of Palermo



Food and wine walking tour through the historic centre of Palermo, an ancient city, founded by the Phoenicians in the seventh century BC. Dominated by the Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals and Byzantines, Palermo preserves the secrets of ancient recipes passed down from generation to generation. Already in ancient times, vegetables and boiled entrails were sold on the street. Even today the street food is able to conquer local residents and tourists. You will reach the historic centre of Palermo (transfer not provided), where you will start your walking tour through the flavours and aromas of Palermo historic markets. The Vucciria market, whose name comes from the local dialect and means “confusion”, will be one the main stops of this tour. You will explore the local markets, to find the best products through the different stalls. You will smell unique fragrances in the world, of spices and herbs, and you will lose yourself in a labyrinth of flavours. Among the most famous street food products, you will find “pane con la milza”, “sfincione”, “panelle”, arancini and croquettes. You will visit some ancient places unknown to mass tourism. You can also choose to take the tour late in the afternoon and you will have the chance to see another side of Palermo. You will see Piazza Marina, one of the most popular spots in Palermo. At the end of the tour, you can say you know Palermo not just from an artistic and cultural point of view, because you will taste the real flavours of this city. Itinerary: Piazza Verdi, Mercato del Capo, Piazza S.Domenico, Mercato della Vucciria.

 More informations
- Vucciria Market
- Piazza S.Domenico
- Qualified guide

- Qualified guide
- Street food
- Seasonal dessert
- Passaporto del Mangione

- Transfer to/from the hotel

- We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, suitable for a walking tour.
- The specialties offered during the tour are not suitable for people suffering from allergies or intolerances.
- Due to the length of the trail, the conditions of the road surface and sidewalks, this tour is not suitable for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

Start time

10:30 am

End Time

01:30 pm


3 hours


English, Italian

Meeting point

Piazza Olivarella, Palermo


3 hours