Private walking tour of Ortigia and the cathedral from Siracusa



Walking tour of the historic centre of Siracusa, on the south-eastern coast of Sicily. The island of Ortigia in just one square kilometre includes numerous treasures, including the Church of San Martino, the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia, the Fountain of Diana and Castello Maniace. Bellomo museum houses the canvas where the ''Annunciation" by Antonello da Messina is depicted. You will reach the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo (transfer not provided) and from there you will start your tour of Ortigia. Your guide will tell you anecdotes and stories that only those who are born here knows. You will discover the vicissitudes of the Temple of Apollo, which was a Greek sacred building, a Byzantine church, a Muslim mosque, and then Spanish barracks. Your guide will tell you that only thanks to the excavations of the archaeologist Paolo Orsi, the remains of the columns were unearthed. This walk will activate all your five senses. The market that opens behind the remains of the Temple of Apollo will be your first stop. Here you will hear the voices of the vendors who encourage customers to buy their fresh products. You will smell inviting aromas, like that of bread, spices and freshly caught fish. You will have the chance to taste the pepper cheese, pecorino and Sicilian marinated olives. You will be walking through the alleys of the “Graziella” district, whose name derives from popular devotion to Our Lady of Grace, the patron saint of fishermen. With just a few steps, you will immerse yourself in a place whose history has ancient roots. Your guide will tell you that the construction of the district was influenced by Arab style. You will notice how the maze of narrow streets does not follow an order, but develops chaotically. Then you will reach Piazza del Duomo, the symbol of the Baroque reconstruction after the disastrous earthquake of 1693. Your guide will tell you that both the Cathedral and Palazzo Senatorio were built on the ruins of ancient Greek buildings. You will be dazzled by the light reflected on the marble facade of the Duomo, built by incorporating the columns of the temple dedicated to Athena, dating back to the fifth century BC. At the Fountain of Arethusa, you will hear the legend of the nymph who escaped from Alfeo and was turned into a spring by Artemis. Here you will admire the mirror of water where papyrus plants grow spontaneously. Late in the afternoon you will get back to your hotel.

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- The remains of the Temple of Apollo
- The Cathedral of Ortigia
- The Fountain of Arethusa

- Guided walking tour of Ortigia

- Entrance tickets for the Cathedral
- Meals and beverages
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- We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, suitable for religious places.
- The archaeological sites and churches included in the tour are open to the public. In case they are not, the company disclaims any liability.

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2 hours


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The forecourt of the Temple of Apollo


2 hours